If teaching in a setting with larger groups of children and colleagues is what you want, then the choice of a school would be suited for you.

In Hong Kong, the schooling system is separated into:

*  Kindergarten: pre-school education
With pupils between the ages of 2 – 5

Primary School: Primary 1 – 6 (equivalent to Year 1 – 6)
With pupils between the ages of 6 – 11

Secondary School: Secondary 1 – 6 (equivalent to Year 7 – 13)

What to expect when working in schools:

The full time working days, include Monday to Friday. With an early start of 8AM and ending the day at 4:30PM. Some schools may require you to work on a Saturday from 8AM to 1PM.

This will only occur once or maximum twice a month. These hours are subject to change depending on the school’s own timetable.

The starting salary for a new NET is between $20,000 – $23,000 HKD per month.