Finding the right job to settle in abroad can be difficult for many.
With English Teaching, we can help find the most suitable teaching position for you.

From teaching in public schools to programmes in private tuition centres. Opportunities are open for you to work with children of all age ranges, from kindergarten, primary to secondary schoolsThe flexibility is in your hands, choosing whether to work part-time or full-time.

Work responsibility in school services includes: teaching various courses around the English Language, managing the classes, supporting local teachers with curriculum development and so on.

You may choose  to become a Native English Teacher (NET) or an English Language Teaching Assistant (ELTA), in Hong Kong through the NET scheme. This is the easiest step to start your teaching journey.

For full-time primary and secondary teaching positions you will need a degree plus PGCE, or education degree and experience of teaching English. For tertiary full-time teaching, a Masters in Applied Linguistics/TESOL is recommendable. For part-time teaching, you’ll probably need a degree, TEFL Certificate and some teaching experience. The academic year runs from September to June, so most full-time recruitment happens between February and April.

Full-time tertiary English teachers are usually sponsored by an institution, which does the paperwork for work visas. They receive basic health insurance, generous periods of leave. Full-time salaries vary but are usually between HK$20,000 and HK$25,000 a month.

Part-time teachers can register as a business and seek to obtain an ‘investment’ visa or a work visa if they find a sponsoring host institution willing to employ the applicant for sufficient hours to meet the qualification criteria. First-time visa applicants are usually granted a single-year visa. On renewal, a visa may be extended for one, two or three years.

Some agencies provide help with the Visa application. For more details, click here. 

I've been living and working for seven years as drama teacher and artist in Hong Kong. Eureka is incredibly professional and treats their teachers with respect. I love that they take my suggestions on curriculum and classroom structure to heart and trust my instincts. Jack, especially is wonderful to work with. He's incredibly kind.

Still being relatively new myself, I have only good things to say about Eureka at this point.  Manager John Chew and Senior Client Relations Officer Wendy Cheung are excellent people - they have been incredibly helpful and supportive, and have gone above and beyond what I had expected of someone in their position.  Wendy even helped me arrange my apartment. Her invaluable assistance was instrumental to my move to Hong Kong as a whole.  

With a vast range of teaching projects across the city, Eureka provides ample teaching opportunities which cater to my level of teaching experience and preferences. I am excited to develop myself as a teacher and I look forward to future teaching projects with Eureka! 

For me, what sets Eureka apart from other language agencies I interviewed with is how truly education focused they are. Staffed by experienced educators, Eureka prioritises learning. In order to best do this, they are incredibly supportive of their teachers, provide quality materials, and are always on hand to answer questions.

My agent Wendy has especially helped my transition into teaching in Hong Kong. From the first time we met, she has made every effort to connect me with job opportunities that suit my abilities, goals, and preferences. This is largely due to the fact that she takes time to listen to what I want, check in with me frequently, and provide help any time I ask for it.

Rather than training teachers and sending them along conveyor-belt style, I have always found Eureka to be highly personalised. They take teacher and client needs to heart. The result? Being connected with schools and courses that I truly love teaching ... and with a whole team backing me up!

I highly recommend working for Eureka! I am deeply grateful for the opportunities they have provided me with in Hong Kong.